CDI Unit (Automatic Advance Control)

CDI Unit (Automatic Advance Control)

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CDI Unit (Automatic Advance Control) in Pakistan , LG CDI Unit (Automatic Advance Control) in Karachi, Lsis CDI Unit (Automatic Advance Control) distributor

An in-house production facility has strengthened us to produce the unbeatable quality of CDI units both for Honda and Chinese motorcycles having different connector style. Testing equipment worth 5 million never misses a possibility of supplying imperfect unit. In addition to the other features like solid body, circuit designing, sealing, water and weather proofing, it is designed with a very new technology i.e. Automatic advance control. This technology discharges calculated flow of current with auto angle control which varies at every second of RPM of the motorcycle. This new innovation also supports fuel efficiency by smoothing the process from ignite till switching off. Absolutely a Japanese standard is adopted to avoid failures and fuel consumption in such times of high fuel prices.

Special Features:
Starting ignition speed ≤ 350r/min
When magnetor speed is 1700r/min, ignition forward angle: 13®±2®
When magnetor speed is 2950±200r/min, ignition forward angle: 26®
When magnetor speed is 4000r/min, ignition forward angle: 28®±2®
When magnetor speed is 8000r/min, ignition forward angle: 27®±2®
When magnetor speed is 1700~4000r/min, ignition forward angle: 28®±2®
It can ignite smoothly when magneto speed is 300r/min to 1000r/min (Three pin electrode distance: 6mm)

Used in 4 stroke motor with outer flip-flop coil, and automatic regulating angle

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