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Published in SG-Series

- Compact size realized by the use of high- performance permanent magnet
- Magnetic circuit design featuring low-cogging characteristics
- Improved control by the use of high-precision encoder
- Motor life extended by the use of F-class insulation against B-class rising
- Environment-resistance strengthened by the use of Aluminum Frame for all Series
- Choice expanded by offering diversified series

Rated rpm / Maximum rpm / Rated

- 2000/3000[r/min]
- 2.2[kW], 3.5[kW], 5.5[kW]
- 2000/2500[r/min]
- 7.5[kW], 11.0[kW]
- 1500/3000[r/min]
- 1.8[kW], 2.9[kW], 4.4[kW]
- 1500/2500[r/min]
- 6.6[kW], 8.5[kW]
- 1000/2000[r/min]
- 1.2[kW], 2.0[kW], 3.0[kW],4.4[kW],6.0[kW]


External Dimension

Ratings and Characteristics


Servo Motor
Model (APM-)
Applicable Drive (APD-) VS50
Flange Size(□) □220
Rated 5.5
RatedTorque N · m 26.3
㎏f · cm 267.9
N · m 78.8
㎏f · cm 803.8
Rated rpm r/min 2,000
Maximumrpm r/min 3,000
Inertia ㎏ · ㎡ ×10-⁴ 132.41
gf · cm · s² 135.11
Allowable Load InertiaRatio 5 times of motor inertia
Rated Power Rate ㎾/s 52.07
DetectorModel Standard Incremental5V Line Drive 3,000 P/R
Option Absolute,11/13bitManchester communication
Specification&Features Structure Totally enclosed, Non ventilated IP65(Excluding the shaft-through section and connectors)
Rated Time Continuous
Ambient Temp Operating Temp :0~50℃
Storage Temp:-20~-80℃
Ambient Humidity Lower than 90% (avoid condensation)
Atmosphere Avoid direct sunlight, no corrosive gas, inflammable gas, oil mist, or dust
E/V Elevation/vibration49 m/s² (5G)
Weight 30.8


Rotation Speed - Torque Characteristics


Incremental Encoder Cable


APC - E□□□BS

External Dimension

Absolute Encder Cable


APC - E□□□BA

External Dimension

Power Cable


APC - P□□□RS

External Dimension

Power Cable

APC - P□□□SB

External Dimension

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