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Published in VP-Series

- Products are subdivided by application sector and private control functions are provided so that anyone can use the system easily
- "Plus Service" that adds private functions according to customer's purpose of use
- Diversified options offered to satisfy diversified demands of customers (Digital switch, Touch Loadr, etc.)
- Linear Coordinates Position Operation Type (VP-1) : Linear motion machine, X-Y table
- Rotary Coordinates Position Operation Type (VP-2) : Index, Turret
- Position operation type after feeder and sensor (VP-3) : Packing machine, All sorts of feeder, conveyor, I-mark.
- Push-Pull position operation type (VP-4) : Pressure control, tensile control.
- Program operation type (VP-5) : 800 step operation.
- Other private soft : Prohram operation, All sorts of private machine
- Tension control Operation type : Winder


Ratings and Characteristics


Servo Drive (APD-VP) 01
Input Power (★Note1) 3phaseAC200~230[A]+10%-15%,50/60[Hz]
ApplicableMotor Voltage Type 3phase sine wave PWM drive AC Servo Motor

Rated Current [A] 1.65

Max. Current[A] 4.95
Detector Type Standard : Incremental5V Line Driver 2000~10000P/rev
Option : Absolute 11/13bit
SpeedControlMode Control Function Speed Control Range (1:10000), Frequency Response (400Hz)
Speed Command DC-10~+10[V](-Voltage : Reverse Rotation), Digital Command 7 Speeds.
Acceleration/Deceleration Time Linear, s shape Acceleration/Direstion (0~100000[msec]), 1[msec] unit setting is possible
Speed Variation Ratio ±0.01%or less (Load Variation), ±0.1or less (Temperature 25 ±10℃)

PositionControlMode Input Frequency 500[kpps]
Pulse A+B Phase, Forward+Reverse Pulse,Direction+Pulse(Lind driver, Open collector)
Electronic Gear Ratio Digital 4 Speed (1/50~50), gear ratio setting, selecting & Accurate adjusting of digital 4speeds

Torque Control Mode
Torque Command : DC-10~+10[V] (- Voltage : Reverse), Linearity is less then 4%
Braking Type
Generative Brske ,Regenerative Brake
Ambient Environment
Operating Temp :0~50[℃]
Storage Temp :-20~+80[℃]
Humidity :less then 90[%]

For CN1 Cable     
External Dimension


Soft Download Cable
Model APC-CN 302S
External Dimension


Model APC-CN 302R
External Dimension


Handy Loader
Model - Handy Loader ; APC-HD100A
External Dimension


Model APC- DPU00B
External Dimension


External Dimension


CN1 Connector
External Dimension


CN2 Connector
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CN3 Connector
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Standard Type Mono Touch Loader
Standard Type Color Touch Loader
- Mono Touch Loader : APC-VSTS3M
- Color Touch Loader : APC-VSTS3TA
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Standard Type I/O Jig
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